Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Menswear Luxe! Bespoke Suits.

Taryor Gabriels A Bespoke Story Collection - Bellanaija - August003Bespoke menswear design label, Taryor Gabriels presents a new collective for 2015 to propel the movement for Nigerian sartorial menswear.
For this  collection, the label is likening tailored suits to ‘works of art’ – distinct pieces that are made to stand out and grab attention. Harnessing the power and provocation of the art of traditional tailoring with contemporary style, the entire collection is a well tailored lineup of custom suits that embody quality and hand crafted pieces that would brighten any man’s wardrobe.
With models, Alexx Ekubo, Victor Kwen, Sunday Balogun and more, the suits are brought to life in a luxe vintage setting paired with articulate centre pieces, wall placements and more.
View the collection below;
Taryor Gabriels A Bespoke Story Collection - Bellanaija - August014Taryor Gabriels A Bespoke Story Collection - Bellanaija - August005Taryor Gabriels A Bespoke Story Collection - Bellanaija - August006Taryor Gabriels A Bespoke Story Collection - Bellanaija - August015Taryor Gabriels A Bespoke Story Collection - Bellanaija - August002Taryor Gabriels A Bespoke Story Collection - Bellanaija - August001Taryor Gabriels A Bespoke Story Collection - Bellanaija - August007Taryor Gabriels A Bespoke Story Collection - Bellanaija - August010Taryor Gabriels A Bespoke Story Collection - Bellanaija - August009Taryor Gabriels A Bespoke Story Collection - Bellanaija - August011Taryor Gabriels A Bespoke Story Collection - Bellanaija - August008Taryor Gabriels A Bespoke Story Collection - Bellanaija - August012Taryor Gabriels A Bespoke Story Collection - Bellanaija - August004Taryor Gabriels A Bespoke Story Collection - Bellanaija - August013

Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Machismo! Kimono Kollection Unveils its New Ready-to-Wear Collection

Kimono 31
The image of a man in a finely tailored suit has long been an alluring characteristic of male fashion; lending the wearer undisputed charisma, maschimo and utter confidence.
One of the leading menswear brands in Nigeria, Kimono Kollection unveils its new Ready-to-Wear collection as the brand prepares to launch its flagship store this weekend.
The collection adorns men in tranquil and visibly rich style; composed of fabrics in masculine hues like grey, black, brown, amazon and blue with different patterns from plain to checkered to prints all individually wrapped in contemporary, traditional and modern suit styles.
With formal and stylish accessories ranging from lapels, pocket squares and bow ties, Kimono Kollection succeeds in putting together a collection that portrays the outstanding charm of a man in a perfectly tailored suit.
View the collection below;
Kimono 1
Kimono 2 Kimono 3 Kimono 4 Kimono 5 Kimono 6 Kimono 7 Kimono 8 Kimono 9 Kimono 10 Kimono 11 Kimono 12 Kimono 14 Kimono 15 Kimono 16 Kimono 17 Kimono 18 Kimono 19 Kimono 20 Kimono 21 Kimono 22 Kimono 23 Kimono 24 Kimono 25 Kimono 26 Kimono 27 Kimono 28 Kimono 29 Kimono 30 Kimono 31 Kimono 32 Kimono 33 Kimono 34
Kimono 38 Kimono 39 Kimono 40 Kimono 41
The Designer, Hakeem Balogun
Kimono 35 Kimono 45
Shop these pieces at the Kimono Kollection Store | 118b Fola Osibo, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos

Friday, 10 April 2015

#NextIsNowNG | Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Edge & S6 Duos

Samsung Galaxy S6 Duos Pre-order Campaign - BellaNaija - April 2015003
When the very best are called upon to rise, stand tall, and be part of the ones who see and embrace the future today; you don’t want to be left behind. Introducing, the Samsung Galaxy edge & S6 duos.
First unveiled at the Samsung Unpacked event held at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015 in Barcelona, Spain, both smart phones combine beauty and power in an adorable piece of jewelry. The Galaxy S6 duos is the dual SIM version of the S6.
Carved out of a combination of corning gorilla glass 4 and high tensile metal, the S6 edge features the world’s first dual curved glass display with an exquisite glass and metal finish giving it a refined look and feel.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Duos Pre-order Campaign - BellaNaija - April 2015001
Both devices have a super-fast charging feature that allows the device run for four hours after just ten minutes of charging. How about 0% to full battery charge? The Galaxy S6 edge needs about 85 minutes whilst the Galaxy S6 duos requires about 80 minutes for full charge. The devices come with a state-of-the-art wireless charging technology that has evolved to make charging easier; simply place the phone on a wireless charger and charging starts. What more? You get a free wireless charger when you pre-order before April 17th, 2015.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Duos Pre-order Campaign - BellaNaija - April 2015004
The Galaxy S6 edge has a 16-megapixel camera with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), which lets you take better photos in low light. While the superfast-launching easy-to-use camera allows users instantly capture every precious moment, the tracking auto focus technology keeps every moving object in sharp/clear focus. Selfie lovers can also rejoice in the boosted 5-megapixel front camera with 90 degree wide angle.
In addition, the camera can capture 360 degrees angle around an object and takes photos in less than 0.7 seconds through the new double-tap home button shortcut. The OIS feature lets the lens move inside to correct blurry effects that result from movements of the hands while taking a picture. It also automatically adjusts the white balance. You can even take pictures in slow and fast motion!
Samsung Galaxy S6 Duos Pre-order Campaign - BellaNaija - April 2015002
Like a jewel, the dynamic reflective surface produces profound colors at different light angles. Both devices will be available for order in White Pearl, Black Sapphire, Gold Platinum at the beginning and Emerald Green later on for Galaxy S6 edge and Blue Topaz for the Galaxy S6 duos.
Place your order for the all-new Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and Galaxy S6 duos for delivery to you in Nigeria!
To pre-order either of these new smart devices, visit www.galaxys6edge.ng; the network providers, MTN, Airtel, Etisalat and GLO; e-commerce platformsJumia & KongaSamsung Experience Stores; and select retail partners nationwide and get a free wireless charger.
Offer is valid while stock lasts. #NextIsNowNG

How to Use Google to Search any Website

Did you know that you can limit Google to search within your site or probably use Google to search within any other site? It’s simple, easy and achievable through the use of a command.
The command you can use to search within a site is –  site:URL “keyphrase”.
For instance, if you want to search Just Naira for the word ‘Blogging’, this is how you will enter it in the Google search box – site:justnaira.com “blogging”
That’s all. It’s as simple as that.

Avira Free Antivirus – Why You Should Use It!

Avira personal antivirus is not only a free software application, but also has high quality features that makes it unique and one of the best free anti-viruses in the market.
It is users friendly, as has no problems. Nevertheless, it is very comprehensive and offers the best protection for your personal computer. However, this particularly is best use for personal computers and not for commercial purposes. Some outstanding features that come with Avira include:
Avira free Anti-virus
High Defense against Malwares (Worms, Viruses, and Trojan Horses)
Avira free antivirus quickly and thoroughly scans your computer for any form of malware programs in your system. It tracks down the actions of the user and will promptly respond once it detects any form of malware in your computer. It comes with the latest scanning technology in order to detect malware as soon as possible.
Protection against Buried Root Kits by Using Antirootkit
Attackers install software called RootKits that are used to get access to the root-level of your computer. They can hide the attack as they are hidden from the administrator, any normal authorization and authentication procedures. RootKits can be tricky to find, and most of them go undetected by many antivirus software. With the advanced rootkit protection that Avira offers, you do not need to worry about any rootkits that might be hidden in your system – it will thoroughly scan your system effectively and efficiently, detect and destroy such software.
Advanced Phishing Protection
Hackers make use of dubious processes like phishing to obtain personal and confidential information from people like passwords, usernames, and even your credit information. They usually present their website as honest sites. They cloan trusted and popular site by putting up a similar design but they are fake websites. The majorly make use of spamming through email. This will attract users into providing their personal information unaware of the intention of the website creator. However, if you have Avira free antivirus installed on your machine, you need not worry about such dubious sites getting a hold of your personal information and using it against your consent, mostly for criminal activities.
Protection from Spyware
Spyware is another kind of criminal software that is used to extract information from your machine without your consent and knowledge. Most of these softwares are normally not visible and well hidden by the attacker for the user not to notice and are not easy to delete. Spyware does not only collect information but also cause other problems for your computer like installing software that you never downloaded, changing the configuration, settings and some features on your computer. It also affects your browser activities such that your browser is redirected. This will, in turn, display different pop-up ads, causes loss of internet connection, or in other cases the internet connection will be very slow.  Your personal file may also get damaged in the presence of spyware. Spyware will attack your computer by showing undesirable pop-up ads and redirecting you to other sites – mostly advertisement sites. Spyware might do a lot of damage to your computer, but with Avira your system and personal files will be protected from spyware for the most part.

Avast 2014 is Out – Download the New Avast 2014

Avast Software, the maker of the most trusted antivirus in the world has launched Avast 2014, the latest edition of its antivirus and internet security range.
Avast 2014 comes in four consumer variations: Avast Free Antivirus, Avast Pro Antivirus, Avast Internet Security, and Avast Premier – and in more than 40 languages. AVAST also provides world-class protection for businesses and mobile devices.
The AVAST Chief Executive Officer Vincent Steckler said “The new avast! 2014 delivers on our commitment to provide faster, better protection to the market, It’s the culmination of 25 years of research and the experience of protecting nearly 200 million devices – far more than any other antivirus product.”
The most noticeable change is the interface, which should increase usability on both desktop devices as well as on touch screens.
The new products feature a new protection mode, called Hardened Mode, designed especially for novice users. It relies on Avast’s file reputation service (Community IQ), which crowd-sources information from the almost 200 million devices currently protected by Avast products.
Hardened Mode is a very restrictive measure that makes sure only safe files run on the system; these are either files with good reputation or already whitelisted by Avast.
Rescue Disk is a new feature that extends the functionality of the security package by creating a bootable media that can be used for offline scanning and cleaning infected systems. It relies on threat signatures so it is advisable to be created just before use, on a clean machine.
Click here to download Avast 2014 of any variations of your choice.

Free OCR Software To Easily Convert Images Into Text

Converting scanned images to text is easy with the help of OCR software. You no longer need to stress yourself with re-writing/re-typing texts you snapped with your mobile camera or scanned with a scanner, you can use OCR software to extracts all the information from the image into easily editable format.
As a student, I find this software very useful. Whenever I visit my school library, I don’t write out text from textbooks, all I do is snap the area I need with my mobile phone camera and then convert it to editable text when I get home with the help of OCR software.  OCR software saves me a lot of hours with writing. It is also an awesome application for people that deal with writing.

What is OCR Software, and how does the program works?

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. This software is used for creating a real text version of an image that contains text. An OCR program is very useful when you have a PDF or other text list in the form of an image, which cannot be used in a text editor as it’s a jpeg or something similar. OCR software works by analyzing a document and comparing it with fonts stored in its database and/or by noting features typical to characters. Some OCR software also puts it through a spell checker to “guess” unrecognized words. 100% accuracy is difficult to achieve, but close approximation is what most software strive for.
Now that you’ve got an idea on how OCR software works, I will share an OCR software I’ve tested and installed on my PC with you. The name of the OCR software is OCR to word.
OCR to Word is a text recognition software that can save you countless hours, re-typing all the work you have already written out. It can take any image, document or scanned item and convert it into a editable, readable and accurate Word document. You can download OCR to Word for free from their website here. It also allows for zooming and specification on what part of an image you need. It is optimised to work with any scanner and boasts a 98% accuracy rating.
It supports: Windows 8, Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows XP, Vista.
Free OCR to Word is 100% free and completely safe to install on your system and includes an uninstaller. If you don’t need Free OCR to Word any more, you can remove it from your system within seconds. Click Here to download the software and manual.

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